Born in Pavia in 1993 as an independent supplier of assistance services, especially in Unix area, General Computer Italia has been active in the market, for over twenty years, as the "services factory", providing qualified "MultiBrand Post-Warranty Maintenance" services for Data Centers.
Over the years GCI has expanded and diversified its activity and today offers a broad range of services and solutions for the maintenance, optimization (or fine-tuning), security and management of corporate information services. General Computer team is made up of 140 people in Italy and works together with several Italian technical support centers.
2014 marks a turning point in the business evolution, since it begins to provide, in addition to the supply of datacenter maintenance services, the sale of cutting-edge technologies distributed through a network of authorized dealers.

Today General Computer Italia plays the role of the enabling platform for emerging international brands that do not have a structured presence in Italy yet. Specifically, it provides assistance to Hardware Vendors, by importing and distributing exclusively their products/solutions and and offering:
  • INDIRECT COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE (selling through channel)
  • DIRECT COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE (it replaces or works together with Sales on final Customer, aiming at creating business for Dealers)
  • MARKETING & COMMUNICATION STRUCTURE supporting selling activities in Italy
  • TECHNICAL STRUCTURE able to provide high-level technical services (on site warranty, post warranty services, professional services, …) throughout the whole national territory

General Computer Italia belongs to a group with a holding, GCG Spa, that is present both in Italy and abroad and invests and operates in IT and telephony areas.


  • Ever stronger focus on indirect channel with the Partnership Program based on the innovative model of "opportunity sharing"
  • Partner protection on combined opportunities with non-competition agreements
  • Sales team with a growing value and high know-how, made of Company Ambassadors with a key role in the opening of new relationship and sale channels, in addition to qualified resources
General Computer believes in the expansion of its business on a global scale as a driver to keep growing and comply with the competition challenge.
Going abroad is the answer General Computer has to approach the rhythm of an ever-evolving market.


Focus on Services
Core business made of technical services that represents the 80% of revenues

Attention to quality
High-quality services and projects on competitive terms
Full transparency in the relationship with the customers that expresses their objective assessments on the company

Ideal dimensions
Established services provider, with an appropriate organizational structure and flexibility in order to provide assistance to each customer

Economic-financial strength gained in over twenty years of presence on markets
Ability to self-finance corporate growth and acquisitions without using extraordinary credit lines


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