Nowadays companies are working in markets in constant evolution, where 'differianting' is the key to win the challenge of competition and globalization.
This principle is at the base of General Computer vision, a made-in-Italy company that, throughout the years, has been living a natural development of its offer, from maintenance, one of the most important company business area, to the Data Center management, involving project activities of evolution. The second evolution step has been opening to the horizon of Cloud Computing, ’Infrastructure-as-a-Service’, 'project solutions', always underlining the importance of 'services as differentiating factor'.
Today General Computer Italia has completed a further step forward to undermine the rules of the game: it provides not only Data Center Maintenance Services but also deals with the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies, indirectly distributed through the Channel.


Recognized on the market for over twenty years as the "Services Factory", General Computer Italia identify its most authentic mission in being the enabling platform for cutting-edge international technology companies, importing, distributing and supporting their products and solutions on value.


General Computer has a portfolio with 60 named Accounts that represent the company historical customer basis. Over the years General Computer has been defining with increasing clarity its market positioning, focusing, from 2014, on a completely indirect business strategy.
Its target is made up of System Integrators, IT Resellers, Software Houses, Internet Service Providers, OEMs that want to differentiate on the market adding specific components services, not always easy to achieve, such as Multivendor Maintenance, Data Center Management, 24/7 services, internationalization.
General Computer Italia SpA - Via Milano, 11 | 20084 Lacchiarella (MI) | P.IVA 01546870187 | Capitale Sociale 200.000 € i.v.


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